hi there...

i am Gitansh Kapoor

i am an IT Student at Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, Delhi

Web Developer Intern At Zoutons.com | Collegedunia | Former Java Developer Intern at Oasis Infobyte | IITK | JMD GRAPHIX | The Sparks Foundation | PixXmo | VIPS'23

about me

about me


my name is Gitansh Kapoor & i am a Web Developer Intern at Zoutons.com

I am born and brought up in New Delhi.

birthdate : 16/01/2002

gender : Male

language : english, hindi, french

work : Web Developer Intern, Zoutons.com


freelance : available

phone : +91 9910202566

email : gitansh16k@gmail.com

country : india

my skills

Front-End Web Development 95%

C/C++, Java 85%

OOPS Concepts 82%

Microsoft Office | Canva | Corel Draw 90%

>> 1+

years of experience

>> 2+

Volunteer Experience

>> 4+

projects completed

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awards won

my experience

Azure Vision (Oct 2020 - Nov 2020)

Marketing Associate

Advertised product through social media and through digital marketing.

JMD GRAPHIX (Dec 2020 - May 2021)

Web Designer Intern

Single handedly developed a website for the company. Managed data balance sheet for the company, designed various products.

PixXmo (Oct 2021 - Feb 2022)

Web Developer Intern

Debugging, Modifying and Developing Websites as per client’s preferences.

Sparks Foundation (Jan 22 - Feb 22)

Web Development & Designing Intern

Developing, Designing And Debugging Websites As Per Assigned Task.

GeekonPeak (Feb 2022 - May 2022)

SEO Management Trainee

Optimizing Website Content and Managing On‐Page and Off‐Page SEO.

JMD GRAPHIX (Feb 2022 - May 2022)

Graphic Designer

Designing Promotional and Marketing Material as per Client's Preferences.

Oasis Infobyte (June 2022 - July 2022)

Java Developer Intern

Developing and Debugging Software as Per Assigned Task.

Zoutons.com | Collegedunia

(June 2022 - Present)

Web Developer Intern

Debugging, Modifying, Developing Website & SEO Management.

my Accomplishments

Cambridge Entrance Exam

Got selected for Cambridge University in Britain(UK).


Received A Certificate For The Best Design and Management Coordinator For National Conference at VIPS in association with AICTE.


Did Volunteer Work in The Jurni. Worked with Marketing and Promotion Team for Promoting and Marketing the product of The Jurni.


Successfully merged 5 PR’s during hacktoberfest.

30 Days of Google Cloud program

Worked on GCP fundamentals for 30 days and received swags for completion

JP Morgan Chase-Software Engineering Intern

Interface with a stock price data feed & Presented data visually for traders.

Deloitte-STEM Connect Intern

Coding, Data Analysis, Development, Cyber Security, Forensic Tech.

Cisco-Software Engineering Intern

Project Initialization, Design the Sextant Frontend, Display the User’s Public IP, Stream Data from a Networked Service, Present Your Work.

Infosys-Software Developer Intern

Creating a Local Couchbase Lite DB, Integrate React Native with Couchbase DB.

Campus Ambassador - IIT, Kanpur

I am a Campus Ambassador at IIT, Kanpur. Did Seminars, Research and Public Interaction for Spreading Awareness about Privacy and Cyber Security.

my projects

Web Development

Single handedly developed website for JMD GRAPHIX using HTML/CSS,Javascipt,Wix.

Credential Link

Avatar Generation using API

Generates an avatar by analysing the name of the user using HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, API.

Credential Link

Tic Tac Toe

Made A Simple Tic Tac Toe game using Python.

Credential Link

Covid-19 Tracker Live

Developed a Webpage to Track live Status of COVID-19 across the Globe using HTML,CSS and JS.

Credential Link

Timer Web App

Developed a Timer Web App using HTML,CSS and JS.

Credential Link

Tip Calculator

Developed a Tip Calculator using HTML,CSS and JS.

Credential Link

Age Calculator

Developed an Age Calculator using Python.

Credential Link

Virtual ATM

Developed a Simple ATM App using Java.

Credential Link

Dead Pixel Checker

Developed A Dead Pixel Checker Web App Using HTML/CSS, Js, and Jquery In Collaboration.

Credential Link

Last Minute Learning

Last Minute Learning is a website that offers a range of courses, learning resources, and internship alerts to help students and professionals stay up-to-date with their studies and careers.

Credential Link


A Simple Peer2Peer File Sharing Web Application.

Credential Link

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